Larry Hellman, NMA

lhellmanNaturopathic Medical Assistant Health Educator

Larry Hellman is a native of Phoenix, Arizona. He attended Grand Canyon University to earn his (Premed) Bachelor of Science degree in human biology. In August 2001, he entered Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine and completed training in April 2006.



Larry saw patients in a preceptor program at Naturopathic Family Care being trained in allergy treatment using Electro Dermal Screening. He is certified to do the N.E.A.T system to desensitize people to their allergens.

He has also been trained and certified in the use of the Thyroflex Machine which is an instrument used for Thyroid Function Screenings. Having been trained by Designs for Health (a science first, high quality Nutritional Supplements company) to educate health care practitioners in the optimal therapeutic use of nutritional supplementation in their approach to treating chronic disease, Larry is well qualified to teach both doctors and patients in the understanding of and best methods for using nutrition in the weight loss battle.

My Current Office Hours

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Larry serves as our facility health educator and leads a very informative talk on the concepts and benefits of Kangen® Water (an Ionized, Alkalized, Anti-oxidant, Micro-Clustered Water) every other Thursday evening at 6:30pm here in our facility.

Incorporated in the talk is a live demonstration allowing you to see firsthand the pH values of many beverages you may currently consume. We believe you will be surprised at the acidity many of us put into our bodies and once you understand what that all means to your health, you may decide to make some different choices. During the demonstration, you will also watch Larry wash some standard fruits &/or vegetables (usually tomatoes). We know you will be amazed to see what can be washed off (pesticides) using the highly alkalized strong Kangen® Water. He invites you to come join us for one of these talks. Everyone is welcome, so bring a friend. Verify the dates for these talks on our calendar as occasionally the schedule changes.  

2013 Kangen Water
Educational Talk & Demonstration

Thursday October 24th
Thursday November 7th
Thursday November 21st
Thursday December 5th
Thursday December 19th

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