Secrets of Natural Medicine –Revealed – Treat the cause

This blog is going to explain pain, its origin and its terminal end.

I was speaking to an insurance agent this morning and he told me there was no way a patient could be covered by natural medicine. I asked “why” and he explained that, “naturopathic doctors do not look at pain strictly as pain but more to do with the whole body”. I said that did not make sense and he said, “It is easier to measure a single point of pain and set a measurable time table to its end”.

The insurance agent was correct. The reason is, chronic pain, often has a separate origin from its terminal end. At Shea Wellness we deal a lot with pain patients because we use the ARP Wave system. This system allows us to trace back from the terminal end of pain to its origin. The process is called, ‘search and destroy’.

Recently we had a patient call because of back pain. Pain levels are usually noted as between 1-10; this pain was beyond 10. Usually 10 is the highest pain a person can possibly tolerate. This patient implied that if we could not get rid of the pain, suicide was an option. I asked what happened and the patient stated that during morning stretches and crunches all of a sudden there was a snap or pop in the middle of the back. Next a friend was called to transport the patient to a personal trainer. The trainer stretched the patient with no success but actually made things worse. The patient then headed to a different naturopathic doctor. This doctor used acupuncture on a large red, inflamed area on the right side of the middle back. This just made things worse so he prescribed a very strong muscle relaxant. The patient filled the script and doubled the dose. Some drugs are not meant to be doubled and strong muscle relaxant is one of them. When this patient showed up at Shea Wellness, vomit was about to be expressed; the technician used the nausea protocol and stopped the symptoms in two minutes. The balance of the treatment took about an hour to reduce the pain to about a 3. Over the course of 4 more treatments the technician searched and discovered the origin of the pain to be in the back of the left knee. The patient stated that when we started working on the area a memory hit and the patient recalled a tennis accident years ago at the exact spot we discovered.

There have been no more symptoms, back pain is gone. Why do insurance companies cover a program that insures more drugs and more temporary fixes but will not consider an FDA approved program that works?

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