Secrets of Natural Medicine –Revealed – Meridian System (East vs. West)

This blog is the second of three parts: The Meridian system

Many times I have asked people if they have ever heard of the Meridian system. The usual answer is yea, I have heard of it. I ask if they know what it is and usually the answer is a definite no.

I like to explain it this way: One day a long time ago your Mom and Dad got together and you were only one cell big. That cell then divided into two. These two cells began to talk to each other. If they did not communicate one of them could wander off and start a whole new person. Quickly the two cells divide again and now there are four cells. It is not too long before there are 8 cells then 16 cells. In less than 10 days there are more than a billion cells. Each of the cells are in the right place, head stem cells, arm and hand cells, feet cells, all are where they should be.

The American Medical Association (AMA) was legally recognized around 1900. The modern era of the Food and Drug Administration began in 1906. Even though western medicine has been around a very short period of time the history is froth with debate and politicking to destroy the naturalist. My mentor, a Naturopathic Medical Doctor (NMD), one time jokingly commented that the U.S. was down to its last breeding couples of NMD’s in the 1970’s. Naturopathic medicine has been enjoying a very vibrant resurgence over the past 40 years. Acupuncture is a corner stone of many NMD’s practice. Naturopathic medicine, including acupuncture, will eventually become the go to medicine in the west.

The science of Acupuncture has evolved into benefits that have been studied by western medicine and proven to stand up to the scrutiny of Imperial Research, double blind studies. Acupuncture follows the meridian system which is more embryonic than the much better understood neurological system. The study of the Five Element theory is a foundational principle that guides the practitioner of Acupuncture in the placement of the needles.

I would like to challenge you to experience Acupuncture. Most people quickly fall asleep and awaken rested and refreshed after a 30 – 60 minute treatment. Come to Shea Wellness Group and see how stimulated we can get your Qi.

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