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Not long ago a patient almost crawled into Shea Wellness. I asked her, “On a scale of 1-10 what is your pain level”? Through the tears and anguish in her voice she said, “It is closer to 15; as a matter of fact if you cannot help me today I am going to commit suicide”. Now that was a heavy load to carry. This story is rather long but extremely exciting. To cut to the chase, within one hour her pain level reduced to a 1 or 2.

This situation was a very chronic pain. Using the ARP wave we are capable of tracing chronic pain issues back to the origin of the problem. During the fifth and last session the question was asked, “What did you do to your knee”? The patient recalled a knee injury about 10-15 years prior. Once we corrected the knee injury the pain was gone completely. We have not heard from this patient for a couple years.

If you know anyone with sciatica or low back pain, please call Shea Wellness (602) 569-0223.

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