Fat Burner Shots

Fat burner shots

Our fat burner injection is comprised of MIC and B vitamins.  MIC is an acronym for the amino acids Methionine, Inositol, and Choline.  In combination, these amino acids not only increase lipolysis but also improve overall liver health and function.  This allows more efficient fat metabolism and toxin removal.  The B vitamin portion of the injection provides necessary cofactors for various metabolic reactions in the body and improves energy.  Although this injection augments a person’s energy levels, satiety and weight loss results, a healthy diet and exercise regimen should be followed in conjunction with this therapy to obtain maximum benefit. 
The fat burner shot is administered intramuscularly in either the Deltoid or Gluteal muscle as often as once per week.

Some other benefits that patients may experience with the Fat Burner injection include: reduced serum cholesterol levels, reduction in fat build up, increased break down and excretion of fats, improved digestion and absorption, enhanced metabolism of carbohydrates, efficient protein synthesis, support immune system function, and build lean muscle mass.



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