Eliminate pain without drugs. Pain (part 2)

Pain (part 1) laid the foundation of pain and another way to look at pain.

The rest of the world does not look at pain the way western medicine does. In the Far East pain theory is derived from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). There are many parts to TCM but we will look at the Meridian System and Yin – Yang.

The Meridian System is actually more embryonic than the neurological system. The easiest way to understand the meridian system is to understand when you were one cell big, mom and dad got together and all the pieces came together to make a cell. That cell divided and those two cells began to talk to each other. They had to so they could keep in touch and know where they were. They then divided and the replication process continued for about a billion times before the first nerve cell showed up. All the stem cells were in the right place like building a house; the contractor does not go to a new lot and just throw the electrical wires on the ground. No, the builder will put in the foundation, the walls and roof before the first electrical wire showed up. The Meridian System is a very important component to the pain puzzle. However the injury was inflicted, if the Meridian System was interrupted pain signals are broadcast all over the body. In western medicine we call this shock.

Yin – yang are the symbols for balance. Yin is cool, dark, the mother protecting her child, female. Yang is hot, brilliant, strong the protector, male. Think of a man in the rice field harvesting his ripe grain; he will be bent over, back facing the sun, he is providing for his family. Yin – yang must always be in balance, if it is not in balance, if there is too much yang, inflammation, anger, stress. Too much yin, a person is freezing, stiff, cold. Too little yin looks a lot like too much yang and vice versa too little yang looks a lot like too much yin, so a trained TCM doctor is called upon to determine the best way to treat the patient. All of these situations describe pain but to a greater understanding than western medicine.

Accelerated Recovery Performance (ARP Wave) begins at the Meridian System and transitions into the neurological system. How does ARP Wave work? (www.arpwave.com) When a patient feels pain – consider, MS, bone on bone hip, knee, wrist, shoulder, any joint pain, post joint replacement surgery, fibromyalgia, sciatica, broken back, bone spur, stroke, any pain from an auto accident. The ARP Wave draws energy into the muscle and causes them to contract up to 500 times per second. Normal contraction is 2 times per second. When the muscle works more efficiently under this new stimulation, new blood supply is demanded, scar tissue is destroyed, bottom line the body begins to repair and pain goes away. Covering the pain is no longer necessary. Proper nutrition, increased protein is necessary to rebuild and repair damage within the muscle. The muscle functions as a shock absorber and when functioning properly, takes away the pain.

The choice is yours at this point either support the wisdom of the cell which desires to be healthy, full of joy and excited to be alive or cover the pain, shut off communication and destroy everything with drugs.

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