arpwave_logo The ARP Wave System is a branch of soft tissue medicine which deals with the Neurological origin of all soft tissue conditions and symptoms. The main function of this system of treatment is to locate the origin of your pain, treat that pain from the spot it started to where it ended up and then quickly retrain your body to work again at its optimal best.

The Science behind the ARP Wave System
The ARP Wave System is centered on a proprietary device called the RX100. The RX100 was developed on the principle of applying the dramatic cellular effects of direct current for clinical use. However, the RX100 is an improvement over traditional direct current in that the RX100 produces a unique wave that is harmonious to the body. This means your body accepts the current instead of protecting against it – allowing it to penetrate deeply without resistance and pain.

The ARP Wave System features a state of the art patented electrical modality classified by the FDA as a class 2 medical device and is combined with one-of-a-kind system protocols and testing techniques

The ARP Wave System

♦Has proven to be a very effective treatment for those who have been told they need surgery as well as those who have already had surgery.
♦Is a highly effective preparation for physical therapy and is used for increasing Range of Motion & decreasing pain PRIOR to physical therapy.
♦Has been proven effective at the highest level by elite athletes and athletic teams throughout the world.
♦Treats thousands of patients Worldwide every year and has been proven effective on all types of chronic pain such as RSDS and Fibromyalgia as well as injuries such  as ankle sprains, strained tendons &/or ligaments.
♦Will substantially accelerate post surgical healing and the healing of injuries, dramatically reducing recovery time from weeks to days.

Post-surgical Rehabilitation:

The ARP Wave System can accelerate muscle rehabilitation of the following:
Shoulder ♦ Elbow ♦ Wrist
Hip ♦ Knee ♦ Ankle ♦ Foot
Cervical and Lumbar spine

If you have back pain, arthritis, degenerative joint disease, knee injuries, tendonitis or other chronic musculoskeletal issues, chances are good that you have tried many different remedies. Let us show you how the ARP Wave System may be your answer.

Our Muscles are Designed to Absorb the Force of Our Movement – When They Stop Doing This, Injury Occurs

Force enters our body throughout our normal daily routine. Whether it’s performing the movement required to sit or stand or playing athletic sports we are always putting force upon the body. It is the job of our muscles to absorb this ever-present force. When the nervous system is activating the muscles properly they are able to absorb force and the body functions as it should.

Injuries occur to a specific area of the body when the muscles in that area are not properly doing their job of absorbing the force that is present in our everyday lives or sports activities. The force that should be absorbed by the muscle is instead being absorbed by our tendons, ligaments, cartilage, vertebral discs or other areas which are not designed to handle these forces and an injury can be the result.

There are 3 Factors to any Injury:

1. A neurological disconnect occurs – the nervous system is not sending the proper signal to the muscles to absorb force and function correctly and so the force is transferred to areas not designed to absorb it.
2. When this disconnect occurs it results in the development of inflammation – this inflammation can be felt as pain in an entirely different area than where the injury occurred (where you are injured is not necessarily where you feel pain).
3. A rapid loss of strength in the area results.

Where You Have Pain is Where the Problem Ended Up, NOT Where it is Coming From

What’s unique about the ARP Wave System is that we quickly identify and resolve pain directly at the root source – then our specially designed system protocols work to quickly bring the area back to strength and optimal functionality. Unlike traditional medicine we don’t just treat the symptoms (only where it’s hurting) – our unique system identifies and treats the original cause of injury which also corrects the area where you are experiencing the pain.

Relax & Lengthen Muscles without Pain

Traditionally direct current devices contract the muscle which can cause discomfort during treatment. The muscle contracts to protect damaged tissue typically resulting in more pain and less range-of-motion as the muscle works to protect.

Because the unique ARP Wave System and the use of the RX100 is harmonious to the body – the muscle does not contract in defense but relaxes and lengthens during treatment to accept much more powerful healing than traditional therapies. Getting the muscle to relax instead of contracting is fundamental to increased range of motion, more blood flow into the area and pain reduction.

Another benefit of the RX100 is the 2nd frequency involved. This second wave is called a background wave and can be thought of as neurological, while the active wave is physiological. The two waves combine to cause a highly variable wave which interacts with all the tissues of the body.